Recipes from my kitchen to yours

Recipes from my kitchen to yoursRecipes from my kitchen to yours

Recipes from my kitchen to yours

Recipes from my kitchen to yoursRecipes from my kitchen to yours


About Fancy At Home


Becoming a cook

Food didn't become part of my life until I went to college. I got exposed to so many different types of food from being in the melting-pot of Chicago, travel, or finally enjoying an upscale meal. I knew I couldn't eat at a restaurant for every meal, so I taught myself to cook. Here I am, after much trial and error, ready to share my journey, recipes, and more. 

My goal is — if you want a well-thought-out meal, you don't have to search far. That you can do it at home and not always have to rely on going to a fancy restaurant or takeout. Don't get me wrong, I love to get wined-and-dined, but it's always nice to know I can eat well at home and not always have to spend a lot of money to have something nice. 

Plus, I love to host. I know it can be incredibly stressful. My hope is that my blog can help enhance anyone's at-home dining experience.  

My philosophy is that we can take the most humble ingredients and elevate them to something great. My meals have often been described as "upscale pedestrian" where it's food we're familiar with, but really taken to the next level. I would find myself thinking "that marinara was alright, I'm sure I could do better." And my competitive nature really allowed me to test things out and grow as a cook. MasterChef was a huge inspiration for me. I never auditioned, but it really inspired me to keep learning to keep and better my culinary skills. 

Personally, I try to cook with all natural, organic ingredients when possible. Food is so much more than just "another meal" but really plays a role in one's overall lifestyle and well-being. 

I'll stop preaching on the natural/organic stuff now. :)

I hope you enjoy my blog and this food journey together, and that Fancy at Home allows you to have upscale and good cooking in your kitchen, just as it has in mine.  In addition to my blog, I intend to have a cook-book as well. But for now, let's enjoy this foodie-journey via the inter-webs. 


Stay Connected

My goal is to help give people confidence to cook great meals at home. That they can take the most basic ingredients, make them something wonderful, all while tasting great. 

Food brings people together. I will  be sharing recipes I have created, as well as  sharing tips and tricks to enjoy meals in the comfort of your home.

Check back often to find the latest recipes. Also, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on social media! 

                                   Random Facts:

  • I'm part Greek, Italian and French. So I like to think I'm genetically predisposed to make and love food.
  • I was lucky enough to cook under two Michelin Star chefs in 2018. I didn't even know I could do that. 
  • My hero is Anton Ego from Ratatouille "I don't like food - I love it! And if I don't love it, I don't swallow." See? Hero. 
  • Working on not only this beaut of a blog, but my own cookbook. 



I'm a self-taught cook, but I can confidently say I can throw down and hold my own. From much trial and error, this passion has given me the honor of cooking for people and even stage.  

I've been cooking at a semi-professional level for the last 7 years, dedicating much of my spare time to food and making it all the better. 

I am fortunate that I get to travel the world and experience other countries and food first-hand. One of my past-times is taking cooking lessons while I am traveling and have had the luxury in doing so in Barcelona, France, and Japan. I do a lot on my own, but it's always great to keep an open-mind and learn from others. 

If you would like to connect with me or stage in your kitchen, I am open to sharing or participating in culinary experiences. 

Additional Experience: 

  • Graham Elliot's Lollapalooza Food Stand: Gideon Sweet, Stage, July 2018
  • Philip Foss' Michelin Star Kitchen: EL Ideas, Chicago, Stage, November 2018
  • Authored the food section of "Actual Factual Magic" by Joseph Pillsbury, a guide to Walt Disney World.  

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